Andrew Somervell

The twelve quarters theory

14 March 2019

“No thank you, I couldn’t eat a whole one!”

When it comes to the notion of eating a whole pastry, or wheel of cheese, your favourite girlfriends shudder at the thought. Eating a whole thing!? Ghastly.

Noting that food cut into small pieces still disappeared, I embarked on a very scientific study.

The theory goes that while girlfriends wouldn’t eat a whole cheese, they’d devour twelve quarters of cheese without giving it a second thought. Time after time they methodically made their way through cut cheeses until they were gone.

To cement this scientific theory, I have run thousands of anonymised double-blind tests with controls for gender and other biases.

The results were astounding, 99.998% who refused a whole pastry, or wheel of cheese, ate at least three whole portions when presented with them cut into twelve quarters.

In fact I tried the theory so often, friends see what I’m doing, call me out on it, “Ohhhoohhh Andrew, we see what you’re doing there!…” and still proceed to eat all twelve.